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What brings us to seek? For some, it’s a call to a deeper life. Others seek a group of friends with whom to share a common search. Sometimes it’s the urge to self-mastery or to understand the laws of an ultimate reality. And sometimes just a wordless longing.

Still there is this wondering….nothing satisfies. I know there is more, something more than just this life I lead every day. Science and religion only give pieces—there must be more than they explain. And how, how to open to this other world.

The Work


The Gurdjieff Studies Foundation of Denver offers a practical, accessible approach to address these questions and more. We work in weekly meetings in which we share our experience with each other; sittings; movements and sacred dances; music; and work with attention and self-knowledge. The Gurdjieff teaching, known more familiarly to its students as THE WORK offers the serious seeker the opportunity to work with others to be awake and alive within this lifetime.

Our Practice

The Gurdjieff Foundations

The Institute Gurdjieff is centered in France. In the U.S.A., Foundation groups associate with the Gurdjieff Foundations of New York and California, which safeguard and transmit the overall integrity of the tradition, the Movements, coordination among local groups, and hold intensive work periods for those in Foundation groups throughout the country. Among the most senior people are still a few who knew or worked with Gurdjieff and many who worked for decades with Mme. De Salzmann and Lord Pentland. The Gurdjieff Colorado Foundation is affiliated with the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York as well as the Gurdjieff Foundation of California.

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